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02 November 2037 @ 10:21 pm

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Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
06 June 2023 @ 07:33 pm
Holly Heights Mailbox  
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"Ahhh, I must be out protecting your justice jibblies or searching for Otae-san's Valley of Heaven and so I missed your call. Hit me up later, yo, and I'll get your down lo! Is that what kids say these d-"

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Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
25 February 2023 @ 03:05 am
HMD, mon capitan  
How am I doing as this hairy stalker? Too much spunk? Are you finding yourself asking "where are the nip slips" too often? Got any advice for me on how to incorporate more culture references? Well here's where you can do that, and I won't even go hide in a barrel of veggies and lurk around you!

Give it to me, big boys n girls. Or whomever.
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Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
10 June 2022 @ 05:12 am
HH thread list  
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March '16

Isao's Pantless Adventures: Gori Tendeny )
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26 February 2022 @ 02:53 am
OOC contact & Permissions  
Behind the Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla )
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11 November 2014 @ 12:43 am
LEU masterpost wip  
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〈 HERE'S HOW IT WORKS! choose a character, click on their for their personnel file or to do your 911 call/complaint email under their thread. 〉

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Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
07 September 2014 @ 06:56 am
(to: Mr. Kondo)  


You thought there were zombies attacking us so you tried to tuck and roll out of a moving vehicle. Also you should consider wearing underwear
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
07 September 2014 @ 06:42 am
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I'm finally in my bed, my pants are off, and there's no pee on my carpet this is the best life has been all day
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
07 September 2014 @ 06:35 am
every day of my life i wonder if this will be it....if this is the end  
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I was in a penguin suit. Dick out. I am confident in the value of my pic.
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
07 September 2014 @ 06:34 am
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The cops wrote boobs in the police report. ...vandalism is our calling
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
05 May 2014 @ 03:57 am
(To: Kondo-san)  
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I enjoy the level of friendship we have achieved until you ask me to determine what may or may not be gentile warts via iphone pic
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
27 April 2014 @ 01:53 am
CR chart  
Still working on this, the coding is going to drive me insane and I'm going to end up murdering someone with a tractor

A smile comes despite the danger, get some, get some )
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
19 March 2014 @ 02:52 am
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I didn't want to see any of his nipples and now I've seen all three. Thanks.
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
13 March 2014 @ 03:53 am
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I just slipped on ice and peed on my pea coat. There's a pun there but I'm too sad to make it
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
03 February 2014 @ 03:58 am
To: (Waifu)  
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I woke up in a bath tub and my face was sore and it wasn't because of you, I was impressed
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
03 February 2014 @ 03:52 am
To: (Waifu)  
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Did I hit my head yesterday? I have a bump on the back of it. Also I just want you to know that I don't blame you for me taking my bikini top off. If I want to be shirtless no man or woman on this earth can stop me.
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
13 December 2013 @ 10:06 pm
(to: Waifuzura)  
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Thats just a parental red flag. They have been brainwashed. Lets baptize them into the church of PBR
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
13 December 2013 @ 09:37 pm
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The last thing I searched on my phone was "leave in conditioner on cats." This is where my life is.
Kondo "atomic booty" Isao
13 December 2013 @ 09:30 pm
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He started tongueing his parfait and told "thats what I'd to your ass" in the middle of Starbucks. Of course i brought him home